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United States Higher Learning Board For Education

About US Higher Learning Board For Education


In year of 2014, US Higher Learning Board For Education came into existence having a prolific aim of providing educational and non-educational entities with an opportunity to obtain global admiration and gratitude by celebrated global body, by preserving and meeting requisite values.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Foster professionalism, commitment, acceleration, modernism, novelty and commitment that can lead educational institutions to deliver/ produce real assets to the community, having ability to lead modernise world in an affluent comportment.

Our Vision

Our Vision

USHLBE has vision.
The USHLBE seeks to be the unsurpassed accrediting agency all across the globe, for education and training institutions. Our aim is to excel in the field of education globally.


USHLBE is with all the associated educational entities and with all the students associated with the educational entities.
USHLBE has made a career placement portal in which all the associated educational and non-educational entities tends to post all the jobs and placement opportunities, which is only offered to the students of the educational entities affiliated with the USHLBE.

Management and
Technical Expertise

USHLBE strategic direction has been operatively managed by a Board of Executive and Non-Executive Directors, who are taken on board from different nationalities. USHLBE tends to work closely with government and regulators, it enable USHLBE to ensure that the standards are innovative and encourages in positive manner. USHLBE professionals and expertise status with the accreditation world is underpinned by the innovative.

Our Structure

USHLBE is a governmental board based in the market of the United State of America. USHLBE tends to have effective association with the governmental bodies and tends to support government in order to promote utilisation of innovative and productive educational systems. USHLBE was operatively appointed by the National Body of Accreditation (SI NO 3155/ 2009) which is also complemented with European regulations.


A methodical research is conducted by USHLBE in which productive assistance of the highly skilled professionals is taken into consideration. USHLBE is able to provide their partners with a forum that can be utilised to enhance quality of education.


USHLBE being a international accreditation provider tends to have an aim for improving the standard of education all over the globe. USHLBE tends to provide their associated entities with many diversified set of benefits.

Latest Events & News

Here you can observe our utmost interest towards are aimed industry. Blogs in this sector can reflect news and announcement from USHLBE, remarks on our alliance and various other up to date and unique information related to our brand. In order to observe blogs click on.

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