About USHLBE- United States Higher Learning Board for Education Standardization

In year of 2014, USHLBE came into existence having a prolific aim of providing educational and non-educational entities with an opportunity to obtain global admiration and gratitude by celebrated global body, by preserving and meeting requisite values. Effective operation has enabled USHLBE to be operative in global market including Europe,Asian,MENA and Africa. USHLBE tends to involve associated partners in a constant development/ growth program in order to accolade associated collaborators with an opportunity that can be conquered in order to observe principles and values comparable to international community.

A methodical research is conducted by USHLBE in which productive assistance of the highly skilled professionals is taken into consideration. In a result of which, USHLBE is able to provide their partners with a forum that can be utilised to enhance quality of education and corporation. Educational and non-educational entities are effectively evaluated by our educated, professional, committed and loyal members of team in an unbiased manner, by considering and comparing corporation values with the set valuable standards of the USHLBE.
We ensure that our goal is achieved by partnering with institutes and students that are on par with the international academic standards. To achieve these goals, our team focuses on infusing the academic programs and offerings with the international standards to provide a solid base for students and help them become successful future leaders.
The purpose of the USHLBE is to facilitate institute, professionals and students with the internationally acknowledged accreditation to afford them with an occasion to reflect optimistic and prolific quality standards of global forum in their targeted market. Nevertheless, it is indispensable for one to congregate the requirements of the USHLBE.

USHLBE Mission

To be known for its accreditation procedures and standards amongst both traditional and non-traditional schools, universities and institutes.

To aid institutions develop quality education worldwide.

To ensure that all operative areas of USBES are adhered to and follow the best academic practices for a better experience.

USHLBE Mission Can Be Achieved If Institutes:

Implement continuous quality assurance strategies for the enhancement of their educational standards.

Develop self-evaluation systems for both students and the faculty.

Develop quality and strategic alliances with professional educational agents globally.

Develop ethical and marketing strategies.

Obtain international recognition of the institution and curriculum

Develop healthy partnerships with professional educational agents worldwide