USHLBE Accreditation Benefits

Accreditation for higher education institutes can offer various options for degree programs. The options can open up different opportunities for students and tuitions that comes with those students. It is really important for a potential student to ensure that the higher education institution have accreditation that fits all academic needs.

Accreditation status affirms that the students can expect that the institute or program is up to the standards. Students can confidently get their valued degree or credential. For students, accreditation not only provides quality judging but also obtaining employment opportunities, receiving student aid and getting their credits transferred.

Benefits to enhance your academic and professional profile at a global level!

International Recognition of 
your Institute

With USHLBE accreditation, your institute’s profile is enhanced on a global level, resulting in increased student enrolments and retention ratios.

Global Acceptance of 
your degrees

With USHLBE accreditation, your academic degrees will be accepted by academic institutes and employers across the globe.

Affordable Accreditation 
in Less Time

USHLBE accreditation reduces the fees by 60-80%. Additionally, our accreditation process does not take more than 50 days allowing you to get full accreditation status in as less as two months’ time.

Networking Opportunity 
and Alliances

USHLBE has various quality alliances programs to offer. In the light of these programs, you can avail the dual degree programs, equivalency and legalization services for your students and institute