USHLBE Institute Accreditation

Take advantage of USHLBE international accreditation if you are a traditional, professional or vocational training institute.

Grabbing USHLBE accreditation is a proof of your institute’s commitment to providing a quality education which is recognized all over the globe.

In keeping with its mission of improving and enhancing educational standards, USHLBE grants international accreditation to higher educational institutes committed to providing students with a world-class education. The accrediting agency not only accredits a institute following a thorough assessment of the latter’s unique and patented points profile system, but also ensures that the accredited institute undergoes a continuous improvement process to develop modern curriculum, tailored to the students’ specific requirements.

Perks of being with USHLBE:

We are the choice of 1500+ accredited institutes internationally.

Global Recognition 
of your institute

Being with USHLBE will provide your institution an international recognition on all educational platforms. You will gain this recognition on providing quality education.

Worldwide Acceptance 
of your degree

USHLBE accreditation will give your institute the worldwide acceptance which means that your institute degree will be accepted in all high ranking universities and colleges.

Affordable Accreditation 
in Less Time

USHLBE grants institute accreditation which reduces the fees by 60-80%. In addition, our accreditation process does not take more than 50 days allowing you to get full accreditation status in as less as two months’ time.

Increased Students 
trust & enrollments

With USHLBE accreditation your institute’s profile enhances on an international level, resulting in high student enrollments and retention ratios.

Networking Opportunity 
and Alliances

We have various quality assurance and educational alliances programs going on. Through these programs, You can offer dual degree program equivalency and legalization services to your students.


USHLBE accreditation will give you a chance to promote yourself at USHLBE educational events and seminars by participating in them.