USHLBE Accreditation Committee has sanctioned USHLBE International Audit Commission to perform all phases of Total Quality Audit Program (TQAP)

USHLBE, an international quality assurance organization that works to improve educational standards of institutes worldwide. Till date, USHLBE has successfully accredited 1500+ education providers globally, all of which today enjoy a reputable image internationally, enhanced acceptance of their degrees and increased student enrolments.

USHLBE with the mission to implement quality education standards worldwide outsourced its backend services in various regions. However, USHLBE partners in those regions were not following the set international standards, thus leading to the initiation of Total Quality Audit Program (TQAP) by USHLBE, aimed at strictly re-evaluating its partners and accredited institutes.

The aim of the audit is to uncover such institutes whose accreditation with USHLBE has expired, yet they are still claiming their association with USHLBE.

TQAP is committed to its task and many institutions have renewed their accreditation with USHLBE. Furthermore, countless new institutes are also looking forward to become USHLBE accredited members.