USHLBE Quality Partners Sustaining the Highest Academic Standards

USHLBE is proud to be a member of the global academic network. With the help of its partners and alliances, USHLBE authenticates its procedures and methods being offered to educational institutes across the globe. USHLBE believes that forming alliances with different academic agencies will enhance the learning and research opportunities in the global academic community.

International Board of Higher Education & Student Affairs (IBHESA)

IBHESA is a global community of education providers with its mission to help and support the students by offering them the best academic services, equity in the society to help them become better citizens and leaders.

Academic Support for Higher Ed

Academic support for Higher Ed is a non-profit organization, devoted for its actions of supporting and promoting the global academic community for the well-being of children.

Higher Education Association For Quality Assurance (HEAQA)

HEAQA is an academic community regarded for its expertise on taking initiatives for student exchange, education consulting and higher education standards promotion across the world.